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Sunday, April 7, 2013

“The House in the Sea” : Newquay and Cornwall, England

Cornwall, England has always been known for its culture, charm and beauty. Tourists flock to Cornwall to enjoy the warm climate and tranquility of the region, despite the fact that it is fairly removed from most of England’s main tourist attractions.
Newquay Island is an idyllic retreat off the coast of Cornwall. When the tide is in, Newquay appears to be an island – until the tide goes out, revealing that Newquay is actually a rocky, free-standing outcrop, 70 feet high and surrounded by smooth, sandy beach.
Between Tides
When the tide is in, the island can only be reached by a narrow suspension bridge which connects it to the mainland. The bridge was built in 1900 and is wide enough for only one person across (don’t worry – it is checked and maintained for safety every year). I have to say, I would not enjoy dragging my luggage across the suspension bridge.
There is only one house on the tiny “island,” which is rented year-round to vacationers. The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens until the edge of the cliff drops away, nearly vertically, and the island is surrounded by ocean or by the sand of Newquay Beach depending on the time of day. Stone steps lead down from the island to the beach, which is open to the public.  
Low Tide
 The cottage on the island, called The House in the Sea, is a unique home-stay experience. The house sleeps six, has three bedrooms and includes wifi and televison (although why you would bother with that when you could be outside is a mystery to me). Other features of the house are the top deck, which faces out to sea, and the lower deck, which is perfect for sunbathing. The coastal views from the house are spectacular, and watching the sunset from one of the decks would be spectacular.
The Conservatory
The House in the Sea is a little more luxurious than the places I typically cover. This is probably not how I would do a trip to Cornwall, since it’s quite pricy and I would prefer a more natural, authentic experience of Cornwall, but I thought it was worth blogging about just because it is so charming! If you could afford it, this would definitely be a lovely get away.
What to do? Most of the entertainment around Newquay Island is pretty posh (golf, private surf lessons, etc.) and not really my thing. (Like I said – I prefer to travel in a more down to earth way). The attraction of Cornwall for me is the small fishing villages and the old cottages, so I would love to take a few afternoons exploring the villages, driving the coast and discovering the countryside. Newquay is close to the village of St. Ives, which is a popular destination and known for its charm. You can also walk the cliff-top Camel Trail along the mainland, and get fish and chips at the quay in the village.
Camel Trail
What to eat? The house includes a fully equipped kitchen so that you can cook for yourself, and there is also a bar-room. I would also make sure to get a meal in one of the villages for some traditional English pub food.
As I said, I would probably never be able to afford this, and this is not really how I would want to experience Cornwall anyways. It’s too removed and aloof for me – I would way rather stay in one of the fishing villages at a little bed and breakfast and explore the county all day. But that’s just me, a lot of people love this kind of retreat, so I thought I’d cover it to give you guys something new. It’s a different kind of travelling in my opinion. But of course, if I was ever offered the chance to stay here, I would not turn it down!


  1. That's pretty interesting. I've never seen a house on an "island" before like that. The view must be amazing though. Too bad that it's only for the wealthier vacationers. But it would be fun spending all day just taking pictures and exploring the place.

  2. I think I would feel kind of trapped living anywhere that isn't really attached to the mainland, isolated in many ways. But at the same time having that suspension bridge outside my house would be pretty cool, although kind of scary to walk across every day.

  3. Yeah and I wouldn't really enjoy dragging all my luggage across the suspension bridge....

  4. Seems very nice, but definitely out of any price range I'll ever be able to afford, that's for sure. All in all, it's very nice though.

  5. hardly on a student's budget but very cool nonetheless. the view is breathtaking, although to be honest i dont think i'd like being surrounded by tourists if i was there--kinda hypocritical, i know.

    i dont know why but the thing that most appeals to me is how much you'd smell the water from that high up... that in itself would be such an experience