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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Last Blog Post : Everywhere

 So this is the last blog post, and there are still a ton of places that I would love to cover, but I’m probably not going to keep the blog going… so I decided I’ll just cram as much as possible into one special last blog post! It’s like a bunch of mini blog posts in one.

“Jewel of Aragon” : Zaragoza, Spain

What to do? Zargoza is a Spanish city not far from Barcelona and Madrid that is often passed over by tourists. Though it is not the biggest city, its culture, charm and beautiful architecture are something you shouldn’t miss. Explore the beautiful architecture and basilicas of the old town, “Casco Viejo,” which is also the best place to enjoy many delicious local dishes.  

“Fire and Water” : Kalapana, Hawaii

What to do? Starting in the town of Kalapana, Hawaii, you can take a two hour hike (ouch) to a place on the coast where active lava flows spill into the ocean. Apparently it’s a stunning sight. Worth the two hour walk? I don’t know, but probably – where else are you ever going to see something like this?

Dunhill Castle, Waterford, Ireland

What to do? Ireland is definitely high on my travel bucket list, so here’s a quick glimpse. The ruins of Dunhill Castle have stood since the early 1200’s, when it was built by the la Poer clan. Over the centuries, Dunhill castle saw many battles and changed hands many times. The castle fell into ruin during the 1700s. I absolutely love ruins, and there are tons in Ireland, so this is just a sample of what you would be able to find.

Gorges de L’Areuse, Switzerland

What to do? The Areuse mountain stream runs through the breathtaking Gorges de L’Areuse. A ‘daring’ hiking path clings to the side of the gorge so that hikers can experience this beautiful wonder as closely as possible. The hike begins in the little village of Noraigues, quite close to the entrance of the gorge. The route follows a train line and then opens up into the Champs du Moulin, a meadow in a narrow valley. After that, hikers go through the gorge, crossing at a beautiful stone bridge. The hike ends in the vineyards of Boudry on the other side.
“Valley of the Mills”: Sorrento Ruins

What to do? Explore the ivy covered ruins of this old mill in Sorrento, which is actually quite near the Amalfi Coast (my first blog post). Sorrento is a town in Southern Italy on the Bay of Naples, with spectacular views of Naples, Pompeii and the Isle of Capri. The ruins are in a deep chasm that was created by an ancient volcanic eruption. Visitors can view the mill ruins from the street above, Via Fuorimura, or go down into the valley and explore.

So that’s it for the blog, thanks for reading and bearing with me guys!


  1. I think out of all these places, I'd to visit Zaragoza, Spain. I'd be amazing to see all those buildings in person. I think out of all the places you mentioned on your blog, my favourite ones were the places with lots of interesting architecture. I really liked your blog!

  2. For me, the lava flows in Hawaii top the charts, and the Soreno Ruins. The place looks absolutely haunting, I'd love to take a day to explore and take pictures (imagine the instagrams!!!)

    Too bad your blog is ending Renee, I liked it and it gave me plenty of travel destinations to add to my bucket list, too.