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Monday, February 25, 2013

"Terra Delle Sirene" : The Amalfi Coast

So it’s been nearly impossible to choose what to write about first (which is why I’m doing this now and not a week ago, when I should’ve started…) but since Italy is pretty much the top of the top on my travel bucket list, I’ve decided to start there.

The Amalfi Coast is known as one of the most scenic coastal regions in the world. On the Western coast of Italy, the region can be accessed from land by only one road, and includes 13 picturesque towns. Mountains, cliffs, beaches and the sea combine to form a unique and stunning landscape. In his poem “Odysseus,” Homer described Amalfi as the "Land of the Sirens.”
Colourful houses cling to the cliffs, with a 500-foot drop to the Mediterranean Sea and sandy coves below. It’s the houses that got me hooked on the Amalfi Coast – they are so charming, and this is exactly what I picture when I think of the Mediterranean sun and sea.

What to Do? Shopping and eating along the Coast is apparently pricey, and since I’ll probably be a poor student, I’d most likely stick to a day trip. The towns are charming, steeped in history, with shops, villas and beautiful views, but the biggest attraction for me is the scenery. The bus ride along the coast is apparently breathtaking (and somewhat scary - but that's ok, a little adventure never hurt anyone). The bus ride would be the best part of the trip for me (never thought I’d say that), and I’d also make sure to hit the beaches and explore a few of the towns.

The towns are know for the exquisitie architecture, especially the village of Positano, pictured above. Positano is pretty much a vertical town, and has stairs instead of streets. How cool is that?

What to eat? Lemons. The Amalfi region is known for cultivating lemons, which grow in terraced gardens all along the coast. The Lemon Festival happens every year in September, and the towns take turns hosting. I didn't know there were multiple types of lemon, but apparently the festival exhibits every kind available. You can sample all kinds of lemon delicacies, too, like the region’s famous limoncello liqueur.

So that’s the Amalfi Coast for you in a nutshell. And fun fact – Beyonce mentions the Coast in her song “Upgrade U.” Beyonce knows what’s good.


  1. Such a gorgeous place to be. I can see why you would want to travel there!

    But I can see one reason not to travel there. Lemons. Yuck.

    Is there something specific that led you to this place? Or did you find it on your own?

    1. Aha I guess you have something against lemons? And actually I found the picture on Pinterest a while ago and I really really liked the picture, so I looked it up and decided to do it for my blog!

  2. I like the way you look at this from a student point of view, saying that the expensive restaurants are not affordable. Like you said the colourful houses really make this place more interesting. Kind of reminds me of the harbour in Saint Johns Newfoundland.

  3. So far I'm really enjoying that your travel destinations are places I've never heard of. Like you say in another post, everyone wants to go to Paris, so I'm liking that you uncover different places.
    The first picture almost doesn't even look real, like a storybook or something. I love it, and I'd like to one day visit this place too, if I could.
    I also like how you lay out what to do, too, in case someone somewhere actually goes on one of these trips. Hopefully your blog will evolve past Writers' Craft and someone will take your suggestions to heart!

    1. I know, I absolutely love the pictures... and that would be pretty cool!

  4. I think "Land of the Sirens” is a very good way to explain this destination. The picture are very inviting, especially the one with the brightly coloured buildings.
    What's really interesting is how on earth those building can stay in place. It's a cliff side with a crowd of homes cramped into it. It's so cool.
    It'd be nice to visit there. You get to live by such a beautiful scenery. I think this is why many romance stories take place in Italy.