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Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Lights and Linen" : The Paris Déco Off

I've always wanted to go to Paris (who doesn't want to go to Paris?), but Paris is a topic that's way too overdone. Everyone knows everyhing about Paris. So the destination for this post is not Paris. Instead, I’ve chosen a really cool festival in Paris that you probably haven't heard of – the Paris Déco Off.

The Paris Déco Off is an annual five day festival that takes place in January. More than 60 designers participate in the Déco Off, setting up show rooms on the roads along both sides of the Seine.

The festival really comes alive on the Soirée Nocturne, when the festival is open late into the night. The Left Bank and the Right Bank each have their own Soirée on two separate nights. The Rue du Mail, a main street on the Right Bank with several designer shops, is decorated with a string of gigantic lanterns, whose shades are made from linen provided by various European designers. The result is an enchanting display of light and colour, illuminating the entire street.
I added the the Déco Off to my blog because I love festivals and I love the pictures of the linen lanterns. It's so simple but so pretty, and I feel like it would be a really fun atmostphere for exploring and walking around. Of course, I would make sure to hit up the rest of Paris while I was there...but the Déco Off is just something fun and unique I'd like to try.

What to Do? There is much to explore at the Déco Off. Visitors can browse displays and collections of furniture, lighting and fabric from the most prestigious international designers. For entertainment, there are films and shows, and a variety of bands play in the Paris Déco Off Concert.

What to Eat? There are plenty of restaurants in the surrounding streets – and we all know how good French food is. Do I need to say anything else? Have a baguette or some Escargot or something.

For lack of a fun fact (I’m sure everyone is real disappointed), I have a fun travel quote:

“Men read maps better than women because only men
can understand the concept of an inch equaling a hundred miles.”
                     - Roseanne Barr


  1. I've never been to a festival before, so this seems like a very interesting event. I would have to read up a little more about it, but it seems really cool. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well, I learned something new today. I think we've all seen and heard about Paris in movies and books. But you don't really hear much about festivals like Deco Off. The picture above with the lanterns actually reminded me of the Chinese Lantern festival. At the end of the Chinese New Year, they hang these large red lanterns. It looks really pretty at night. It's always interesting to see different cultures when you visit a new country. I was wondering though, how did you learn about the Deco Off festival?

    1. Yeah, I wanted to do an aspect of Paris that is not so well known! And I agree, that's exactly what I though of when I saw this too. And I actually found the Deco Off becaue I stumbled across the picture, and I just really liked the picture (that's how I find a lot of my places but not all of them).

  3. This is a really interesting concept and something that seems perfectly suited for a place like Paris. Like Paulina said it really is similar to the Chinese lamps, that is what popped into my head right away. That would be pretty cool to have a lantern in that festival.

  4. This one looks really cool, and I like that you included it. It's a travel blog, so why not give people a reason to travel?
    I could only imagine spending the time there, the paper lights are so cool and I could only imagine the appreciative atmosphere. If only money were no option--I'd have gone to each one of your blog destinations by now